Sejarah Wahabi dan Arab Saudi

Sejarah Wahabi dan Arab Saudi

Antara Isi kandungan

More broadly, he revived his dynasty’s traditional alliance with the Wahhabi ulema (“scholars”). In the same year, he instituted an agrarian policy to settle the nomadic pastoralist bedouins into colonies, and to dismantle their tribal organizations in favor of allegiance to the Ikhwan.

Captain William Shakespear, but this was abandoned after Shakespear’s death at the Battle of Jarrab. Instead, the British transferred support to Ibn Saud’s rival Sharif Hussein bin Ali, leader of the Hejaz, with whom the Saudis were almost constantly at war.

In 1925 the Sauds captured the holy city of Mecca from Sharif Hussein bin Ali, ending 700 years of Hashemite tutelage of the Islamic holy places

In March 1929 he defeated elements of the Ikhwan, which had disobeyed his orders to cease raiding and had invaded Iraq against his wishes, at the Battle of Sbilla. In 1932, having conquered most of the Peninsula, Ibn Saud renamed his dominions “Saudi Arabia” and proclaimed himself “King of Saudi Arabia”.


1. Keluarga Ibn Saud memerangi kerajaan Usmaniyyah Turki dan ahlul bayit Nabi saw yang mulia
2. Apabila berjaya memerintah tanah Arab keluarga Ibn Saud membunuh puak ikhwan yang menolongnya sebelum memerintah
3. Puak Wahabi menyebarkan fahamannya dengan mendampingi keluarga Ibn Saud
4. British yang memusuhi kerajaan Islam Usmaniyyah berjaya memasuki tanah haram dengan bantuan puak Wahabi dan keluarga Ibn Saud

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